Аgricultural news of Ukraine

Russia continues the destruction of Ukrainian grain

The Russians have already destroyed a large amount of grain in Ukraine, which could feed 10 million people

Russian aggression in Ukraine

In recent years, Ukraine has witnessed Russia's aggressive behavior on its territory. This aggression turned out to be negative not only for the security and stability of the region, but also for the agricultural sector of Ukraine. The Russian occupiers took a number of actions aimed at destroying crops and resources necessary for food production.

Destruction of grain

One of the components of the strategy of the Russian occupiers was the destruction of large volumes of grain in Ukraine. This tactic is aimed at weakening the economy and creating a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Russian troops are attacking agricultural facilities, grain storage and grain storage complexes. As a result, a significant part of the Ukrainian grain reservoir was destroyed and destroyed.


The destruction of grain has serious consequences not only for Ukraine and its citizens, but also for many countries that relied on it. The resulting food crisis led to a negative movement in product prices, which affects the purchasing power of the population. Also, it has a serious impact on the country's ability to provide itself with food and fulfill its obligations to the world market.

International reaction

The international community has repeatedly expressed its condemnation of Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine and called for an end to hostile actions. In particular, many countries provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine in this important period of its history.
The destruction of a large amount of grain by the Russians, which could feed 10 million people, has serious consequences for Ukraine and the world economy. The international community continues to express its support for Ukraine and call for an end to aggression.
Despite this, Ukrainian companies continue to fulfill contracts and obligations to partners.