Аgricultural news of Ukraine

The beginning of the grain storage of "Agrotraide-2000" LTD in the new season with an early group of grain and oil crops of the 2023 harvest.

Harvesting of early grain and oil crops, transportation and storage: Advantages of cooperation with AGROTRAIDE-2000

The main services we offer this season:

1. Purchase of agricultural crops

We are ready to buy your rape crop at a competitive price. We purchase large and small volumes of products, providing you with convenient conditions of cooperation and quick settlement.

2. Drying, cleaning and storage of agricultural crops

Our modern dryers and cleaning installations allow you to carry out high-quality processing of your rapeseed. We provide effective drying, professional cleaning and long-term storage of products, preserving all their valuable properties.

3. Transportation of agricultural crops

We are transshipment of rapeseed on cars, railway wagons and semi-wagons. Thanks to our reliable transport resources, we ensure fast and safe delivery of your products to their destination. We take care to preserve the quality of the canola during transportation, so that you receive the product in the best condition.

4. Packaging of agricultural crops in big-bags

We provide services for packing rape into convenient big bags. This will save the product from external influences and ensure the convenience of its further transportation and storage.

5. Rapeseed seed processing using raw material

We have a modern processing line that allows us to process rapeseed on raw materials. We guarantee the quality and high efficiency of the processing process so that you can get quality products from your harvest.

6. Express analysis of the quality of agricultural crops

Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and equipment to carry out an express analysis of rapeseed quality. This allows you to get real-time information about the quality of your products and make appropriate decisions.

Contact us and see for yourself the quality of the services provided! The grain elevator of "Agrotrade-2000" LLC is located HERE. We are ready to help you with the collection, transportation, storage and processing of rapeseed, ensuring professionalism and reliability at every stage of cooperation.