Аgricultural news of Ukraine

Ukraine harvested a record harvest in 2023

Ukraine harvested a record 29 million tons of grain

We are happy to share incredible news about the grain harvest in Ukraine this season. Our country has demonstrated incredible agricultural strength, having collected a record amount of grain - 29 million tons! This achievement demonstrates our unparalleled contribution to global agribusiness and helps maintain stability in the global food market.

A new record in Ukrainian agriculture

This season has become crucial for Ukrainian farmers and agricultural enterprises. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, our agricultural workers had the opportunity to work at full capacity. Harvest fields stretched over a huge area where wheat, barley, corn and other grain crops were grown.

Secrets of success: economic competence and the latest technologies

Our success in harvesting a record harvest lies in the combination of economic competence and the use of advanced technologies. We provide support to our agricultural enterprises in the implementation of modern methods of soil cultivation, the use of high-quality fertilizers and the provision of proper irrigation. This allows us to achieve maximum productivity and harvest quality.

Importance of Ukrainian contribution to global agro-industry

Our country has long been famous for its ability to grow high-quality grain. The increase in harvest volume not only confirms our capabilities, but also affects the global agro-industry. Ukrainian grain is an important component of the world market, ensuring a stable supply of food for millions of people.


The record grain harvest in our country is a testament to the strong spirit of our agricultural sector and its contribution to the global agro-industry. Our combination of economic efficiency and advanced technologies helps ensure the growth of quality and volume of grain production. We are proud to contribute to the global food supply and strengthen Ukraine's position on the world market.
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