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Development of the Ukrainian Agrarian Sector 2023

Development of the Ukrainian Agrarian Sector: Wheat Export Forecasts for 2023


Against the backdrop of constant changes in the global economy and the agricultural sector, Ukraine remains a key player in the grain market. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine recently published forecasts for the volume of wheat exports for 2023. In this article, we will consider the key factors that will help Ukraine to increase the volume of wheat exports and take a leading position in the market.

Increase in productivity

One of the main factors affecting wheat export volumes is yield. The use of advanced agricultural technologies, scientific research in the field of plant breeding and the selection of optimal wheat varieties can significantly increase productivity. An important stage is also the timely and proper application of fertilizers and the use of protective means.

Infrastructure development

Efficient transport and storage infrastructure is another key aspect of successful wheat exports. The development of modern grain warehouses that meet all grain storage and quality standards will allow maintaining the high quality of products during transportation and storage.

Expansion of Trade Partnerships

Ukraine is actively expanding the geography of its trade partnerships, AGROTRAIDE-2000 LTD plays an important role in this process. The signing of new agreements with wheat importers will contribute to the development of exports. Diversification of sales markets will help reduce risks and ensure stable demand for Ukrainian wheat.


In general, the development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector has great potential for increasing the volume of wheat exports. Increasing yields, developing infrastructure, and expanding trade partnerships are key aspects that will allow Ukraine to take a leading position in the global grain market.
Ukraine has all the opportunities to achieve success in wheat export and maintain its position on the world market.

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