Soybean meal (granulated)

The most popular type of meal in the world. Soybean meal is a universal source of protein for all animals. It contains more protein than other types of meal, so it is most easily absorbed in the body of animals. It is mainly used as a part of compound feed.
Soybean meal can contain 43 to 52% protein, depending on the shell content. The quality of a product is determined by the amount of nutrients in it.
Soybean meal is a concentrate of protein and energy that improves health, productivity, live weight of livestock, poultry and fish.This is the only type of meal that can be fed to sows, fattening pigs and piglets from 15 kg without restrictions. Heat-treated soybean meal does not contain substances that can impair the digestibility and productivity of pigs.

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soybean meal

лушпиння соєве гранульоване висоокоякісне сертефікат АГРОТРЕЙД-2000 київська область
On average, soybean meal makes up no more than 25% of the feed volume. Farmers determine the amount of raw materials in the diet based on the weight, species, age of animals.
High-protein soybean meal contains more protein and amino acids, so its proportion in feed is on average 1% lower than usual. Buy Soybean meal in Ukraine from the manufacturer LTD AGROTREYD-2000, the city of Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region.