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Переробка сої ріпаку та соняшнику ОЕЗ АГРОТРЕЙД-2000


Food and feed safety and quality policy.
Implementation and continuous improvement of the food safety management system, which meets the requirements of international and national standards ISO 22000 (DSTU ISO 22000), guarantees the production of safe products of consistently high quality. We claim that strict compliance with product quality standards is the law for us.
Security policy is the most important tool that ensures the achievement of the required level of quality of our work, as well as constant analysis and identification of ways to improve this level. Effective feedback from the parties interested in successful activity of our enterprise provides definition and satisfaction of their needs.

Social responsibility policy

Implementing the principles of social responsibility, we create jobs, pay taxes. The employees of our company are valuable capital for us. We understand that their training, level of education, skills and abilities are critical factors in achieving their personal success and collective prosperity of the Enterprise. The company allocates the necessary resources for education and training required for employees to successfully perform the tasks assigned to them.All employees of the Company are personally responsible for achieving the goals set by management for them. We ensure policies aimed at eliminating discrimination in employment, training, career advancement on the principles of equal opportunities, regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, marital status, national or social origin. .

Anti-corruption responsibility policy

AGROTRADE-2000 LLC remains faithful to the traditions of free enterprise, as well as fully approves the international laws and regulations that support it. We are aware of the importance of combating corruption and bribery in our country and at the enterprise in particular, as a level playing field between economic entities can be ensured only in a system that prevents corruption.We believe that strict compliance with the internal rules established on the scale of our company will be a means that will most effectively ensure the implementation of our legal obligations.
We are open to government and independent inspections and audits. We are ready to take and implement the corrective actions recommended by such inspections.

Environmental policy

The main goal in the field of environmental protection is to take care of health and ensure the safe living of people in it.
We are aware of our responsibility to the residents of nearby settlements and employees of the enterprise. We care about the future generation, ensuring the preservation of a favorable environment and improving the quality of life.
We provide open environmental information to all stakeholders, taking into account public opinion in our activities.
We control and improve production processes in the direction of reducing emissions into the atmosphere, reducing the occurrence of unused intermediate products and waste, energy savings.
We study best practices and, if possible, implement them in our own production, thereby reducing the impact on humans and the environment.