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Simultaneous storage capacity, m³

Drying t/day
Acceptance of grain t/day

The maximum weight of the car, t

65 000
2 200


Certification of washing for grain storage and safety of yoga indicators

Agricultural products storage services in Ukraine granary

A modern elevator complex with the possibility of simultaneous storage of grain in the amount of 65,000 tons and its processing products, provides receiving, cleaning and drying services for up to 2,200 tons per day.

Thanks to two separate grain cleaning lines and complexes of grain dryers, the cleaning and drying process is fast and high-quality and reaches a volume of up to 2200 t/day.
The convenience of the location, the presence of a railway track, a good location and conditions of cooperation have a beneficial effect on the final formation of prices in comparison with other participants of the grain market in the Kyiv region.
Sampling, as well as the possibility of being present during laboratory analysis, cleaning, drying, storage, processing of oilseeds, sale of meal, sale of oil - this is a partial list of services determining the company's mission.